Bike*star 12" Classic Balance Bike Orange

Bike*star 12" Classic Balance Bike Orange
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  12 inch Classic No Pedal Balance Bike (Runninng bike)


Age recommendation: starting from approx. 3 years

Recommended for child's inseam 14"-17" (inches).

                  Saddle height: approx. 13.8-16.5" inches | Handlebar height: approx. 21.7-24.4" inches  |   Weight: approx. 10.5 lbs.






The  balance bike is the perfect tool to encourage young riders to gain the confidence and skills needed to master the art of cycling. By removing the pedals, this allows your toddler to focus on balance and coordination at a much earlier age.  A specialized footrest is also included which encourages children to lift their feet while coasting.  Early introduction to balancing on two wheels is possible and often results in never having to use training wheels on larger bikes! 

Do not forget the hand brake when comparing balance bikes!  Although the child will primarily be using his or her feet to stop the bike, it introduces the hand brake system, making the transition to a traditional bike easier.  This model also includes 12 inch air filled
tires on high-quality lightweight alloy rims, like an older child's bike.  Do not be fooled by plastic or foam tires. 

This 12-inch model is complete with a unique design direct from Germany, and complies with all US safety requirements.  A 1 year warranty (original owners only) for manufacturer defects through Dakota Cycle-USA to provide that extra peace of mind. Customer service available 7 days a week to answer any questions!


Recommended retail price of this product is $99.00... (tax for California residents not included)




This model includes


Parent's and reviewers agree that balance bikes are the best way to teach a child to ride! Eliminate the need for training wheels in the future!



   A specialized footrest allows for children to lift their feet while coasting.  



Quality air-filled tires on lightweight alloy rims! Don't be fooled by foams or plastics!


Certified non-toxic safety steering wheel handgrips complete with a special child’s hand protection device


Brake handgrips have an adjustment function that makes it more suitable for a child’s small hand.


Steering limiter to compensate for a toddler's tendency to over-steer!


Equipped with a convenient side kickstand


This bike comes brand-new, sealed, and 85% assembled. Minimal assembly required (approx. 15 minutes)  Allan key required, but not provided


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